Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sweet Sketch Wednesday Challenge ^^

Hello ladies,

This week we sponsor another challenge at sweetsketchwednesday blog ^^ Our DT also participate in this challenge as their GDT. All of the cards made by their DT ladies are gorgeous, and here's their lovely creations :) 



And by our DT

What a lovely eye treats :) Please check their own blog to find more inspirations and don't forget to join sweetsketchwednesday's challenge to win more images from us ^^

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Showcase #Fairytale

Wow time flies so fast, it's already showcase time again! After two weeks in a row featuring Halloween theme in both on our showcase and challenge last week (the Halloween challenge is still on by the way), now it's time to see some lovely fairytale themed cards. The red riding hood, little mermaid, and Alice are ready to take over the spotlight from the witch and her friends. 

Using our Mermaid Lisbeth

Using our Fairy Tiffany

Please hop on their blogs to see their other fabulous creations!! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Coloring Challenge #3

Hi girls,

Time for another Coloring Challenge! Since we have Halloween themed showcase and challenge this week, we pick a matching color theme for our third Coloring Challenge ^^

Very beautiful, right? But before we go further, let's see who's the lucky winner for our second challenge ^^
No. 2, Helen
Congratulation dear, your card is very gorgeous ♥ We love it to bits!
Please mail us at to claim your prize :)

Now, let us remind you the rules to join our Coloring Challenge. It's very simple, just pick a MilkCoffee digi, you can use the freebie ones, then color it according the pallette we decided then post it ^^ No need to make a card using it, but we would love to see if you make a card using it!

Need some inspiration? No worries, our DT girls have several images ready ^^ You can see our newest showcase to get more ideas since it have similar color pallette ;)

A hot catgirl by MARY J

And a cute pumpkin by YOSHIRA

Cute dreamy Charlotte on a paper ship by AUDREY

And Pinky Witch Charlotte by RIA

Aren't they gorgeous?
Also as usual  we have tutorial from our talented DT Lady. This time, the wonderful Lady who show us a tute about hair coloring is Audrey. Check her fabs tute :)

Hi everyone! Audrey here today and I'm going to show you how I color hair with Copics, just in case you are interested.  I usually look at my image and decide what color hair do I want this image to have?  Then I choose 3-4 colors depending on the hair length - sometimes I use 5 or 6, but that is only usually with really long hair.

So for this image of Charlotte at Paper Ship from MILKCOFFEE SHOP and I have decided she is going to have blondish/brown hair and I have chosen Copics E 50, 53, 55 and 57.  

First I decide where I am going to have my light source coming in.  I usually choose the right side, probably because I'm right handed.:)  I put down my lightest color first and I leave a decent amount of white space to show where my light source comes in.  I always color out from the top and up from the bottom in the direction of the hair in both cases.

Next I go over most of the same are with the second color (a little darker)

And then, you guessed it, I use my third color next.  I try to keep a very light touch on the marker so that it looks more like hair strands than blobs of color.  

Finally I add my darkest color to the very bottoms and also the areas furthest from my light source.

Then I go back through and darken things up by using my 3rd marker (E55 in this case)

And the second (E53)

And then first color where I go back over and connect the areas, but still keeping the light source in mind I leave a very light area there.

Last but not least, I go in and add some darker lines on the pre-drawn lines and also on where I think areas would be the darkest.

I hope you have found this helpful:)


A fab tute isn't it? :) And as usual, we have a freebie for you to color! A matching digi for this month theme, Halloween! Hope you girls like it ;)
Have a blessed day everyone! Hope you enjoy our challenge this month!

If Inlinkz tool disappears, please contact us.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Showcase 'Halloween'

Good afternoon everyone,

Today I woke up very late, looks like several days lack of sleeps taking its tool of my body ^^ I really should try to manage a healtier schedule (I'm a noctrunal person usualy), but it's hard to break a habit that last for years :)

Anyway, since Halloween is coming nearer and nearer, we have a special Halloween showcase today ^^ Have you start preparing your Halloween themed cards? We have a new batch of Halloween images featuring Lisbeth, Tiffany, Charlotte, Michelle, Alicia, and a cute vampire boy ^^ Looks what our talented DT girls did with our Halloween images, it's so cute!

Stunning coloring and very nice layout as usual! 

She have 3 cards! Wohoo, and all of them are so cute! I especially love the first one <3

Lovely coloring! The image that printed on a kraft paper stood out real nice <3

What a cute doorhanger with a small box to put on some sweets!
Lovely treat for your kids ^^

Cute cards with very bright colors! 
Love how the black paper behind the image make it looks so stand out ^^

Please don't forget to pop on their own blogs as well to see more gorgeous creations ^^ 
Have a great day ladies!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Customer Lovely Creation and Challenge Reminder

Hi Ladies,

How is your summer day? Hope you all have wonderful summer!
Today we're gonna share several wonderful cards :) The first cards is by Ms. Donna Mosley. She uses our digi girl Charlotte series. Isn't this card lovely? Cute pattern paper and great composition, love it, especially her coloring ^^. Please check her blog for more inspiring cards!

Then, we have two lovely cards by our DT Lady, Mary J. Her cards are as briliant as usual :) Love this purple and yellow combination. The cards are so neat but so awesome! :D
This card is using our new series, dilligent Sally

And this card is using Michelle series
Check her blog here ladies to give her some love ♥

Also, don't forget to join our #2 Colour Challenge to win our digi at MILKCOFFEE shop, ladies ;)
Have a blessed day everyone!