Thursday, June 28, 2012

Showcase 'Coco'

Hello girls,

How are you? Lately the weather here is so not friendly, very hot and very humid, and as the result I got knocked out with cold. Fortunately lots of sleeps and eat lots of foods always help me get back healthy quickly lol. I hope all of you stay healthy there!
Anyway, today we want to show you our DT works using 'Coco Series.' She's one of our new digi girl. She's a shy and dreamy girl but very nice and dilligent. And somehow she always attract small animals to gather around her :) And here's our gorgeous DT's creations using this digi.




Please check their own blogs to find more gorgeous creations and inspirations ^^

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Customer's Lovely Creation

Today we will post another gorgeous customer's creation. Michaela's using our Rabbit family digi stamp and make a very gorgeous wall hanging! The color and the details are very fabulous! Thanks a lot for make our digi looks so pretty Michaela!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Colour Tute #2 by Mary J

Hi Girls,

How is your summer? Lovely? We hope so :) We also have nice hot summer day here.. Oh, wait.. we always have hot day since we live at tropical country, lol. Sometimes we wish we could move to a four seasons country and experiencing the winter for once. But, because our body's tolerance to cold  is very low, we're afraid we'll freeze to death there!

Anyway, today, we will continue to feature one of our talented DT lady; Mary J's tutorial. The first part of her tute can be found here. If in the first part of the tutorial she show how to color the skin, now she'll show you step by step how to color the hair part. So, here's the second part of the tutorial ^^

Ps: Don't forget to join our coloring challenge, you don't even have to make a card to join. Just pick one of our digi (the free ones are allowed too) and color it according to the color pallete provided ^^


Mary J here with a quick tute on colouring wavy hair with Copic Markers. So, first I select my colours - here I am using E31, E33, E35 and E37. First, using my lightest, E31, I cover the whole hair...

I then take the next darkest E33 and colour where the darker parts of the waves in her hair will be...

I then use the next darkest E35 to colour the darkest part of the hair waves...

I go back and use my lightest colour E31 to blend the colours together...

Now I want to create even more depth. I take my darkest colour E37 and put in the very darkest areas in her hair...

And finally using light strokes I lightly blend the darkest areas where I have used E37 with E35 into the E35 areas and E33 where I have used E35 into the E33 areas (if that makes sense!!). Et voila, the finished hair...

Hope that was useful! Leave any questions you have in the comments and I'll get back to you!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Showcase 'Birthday Cards' and Special Gift

Hello girls,

Both me and Nana's birthday are still far away from now, but we're in the mood of celebration. Soo, today's showcase is all about birthday ^^ We have lots of digi stamps with birthday theme, and see what our lovely girls did with our images :) Their cards are always beautiful, and this time is no exception ^^

And the images they used are

 And if you have time, dont forget to join our Biweekly Card Challenge and Monthly Coloring Challenge.
Have a great day ladies!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Customer's Lovely Creation

Hi Ladies,

So many thanks to you, all of our lovely DT teamies, blog readers, challenge participants, and especially our lovely customers. It's really enjoyable to see how our b/w digi girl and digi stuffs is transforming to be cheerful and colorful cards or any creativities :) So, thank you for sending us your creation using our images, we're really glad!

So, this time, we wanna share again our fabulous costumer's cards. Those are surely beautiful cards!

Ms. Yurlady Borja

Gorgeous cards, aren't it? :) So, if you want your cards to be featured at our blog, please send us the images and your blog link, and we will more than glad to display it. Have a blessed day everyone!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coloring Challenge#1

And so, let's start our first new challenge, A COLORING CHALLENGE ^^ Are you ready? For this challenge, we just want to see your colouring skills! So share anything you want - it doesn't have to be a completed project (a partially coloured MCS image is fine!), but you do have to use a MilkCoffee Stamp digis!

Feel free to use the freebie we have provided her, or there are plenty of free digis we offer - click here [link to freebie posts] to use them or any other MCS stamps you own!

This challenges will run monthly, starting from the 10th of each month and ending on the 9th of each month. We will pick the winner by and the winner will receive 3 images by your choice from MILKCOFFEE shop.

So, use a MCS digi stamp and use at least 3 of the colours of the palette below...

All you have to do is to color the image according this palette and then link the result here. No need to make any card, just the colored image is enough ^_~ And this week, we will feature Mary J's coloring tutorial :) Her tutorial will be separated in 2-3 post, and we will show you the first part of her tutorial here.


~Coloring Tutorial~

It's Mary J here and I've put together a quick tute together to show you how to colour folds in clothing, so let's get to it!  I've used Lisbeth Walks In The Rain as she's such a pleasure to colour in and the first thing I do is choose the colours I'm going to use - RV00, RV10 and RV02.  That is in order of lightest to darkest (yes, RV10 is lighter than RV02!).

Okay, so first I cover the dress all over in the light shade I've chosen, RV00.  I like to do the base colour first as it gives me a feel of the flow of the dress as I colour it in (click on the photos for a larger view)...

I then use the darkest shade, RV02, and add to the darkest shaded areas of the dress...

I then use the mid-shade, RV10, and lightly blend the edges of the darkest areas into the lighter areas with light feathery strokes...

And lastly, I go over the whole dress with the lightest colour, RV00, to soften all the edges...

Et voila!  I hope you found that useful - feel free to leave a comment with any questions and I'll get back to you!


Isn't her tutorial is so lovely and helpful? Please check her blog to see more of her gorgeous creations! And here's our other DT's creations using the color palette for your inspirations ^^



Please hop on their blog to see more gorgeous cards they made! 
And last, here's our free digital stamp, a little ballerina. Hope you like this image ^^

If Linky Tool disappears, please contact us

Hulkbeth and Coloring Challenge

Hello ladies,

Today we will do lots of interesting things here in our blog! We will officially open our first 'Coloring Challenge'!

So, what should you do to enter the Coloring Challenge? Easy pie, we will give you a color palette and all  you have to do is to color one of MILKCOFFEE image according to the palette and post it here :) You don't have to make a card for this challenge, just colors the image and take a picture of it and link it on the challenge post. If you don't have our digis, you can use our free digis that we already shared before.

This challenge will run monthly at every 10th and will be closed ends 8pm EST the 9th and 8am the 10th West Indonesia. And along with the challenge, we will provide you a coloring tutorial that made by our talented DT girls and a free digi for you to use. But you don't have to use that one, as long it's MilkCoffee digital stamp then it's ok. We will pick a winner using so everyone have a chance to win and get 3 free digital stamps as the prize ^^ We hope you can play along so we can have lots of fun together :)

But before that, let us show you our special Lisbeth digi stamp, HulkBeth! This cute (?) digi is drawn by Nana for me as a surprise gift for one of our DT game and it turn out very.. unique.. I suppose..  And since she want me to make a card using this digi, so here we are.. You can grab this image as a freebie if you want lol.

And here's my card using this image XD

Audrey, our DT coordinator, decided to join the fun and somehow she make her card looks so pretty even using this 'special' image, LOL.

So, is anyone want to make something using this digi? :p


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sponsoring Word Art Wednesday Challenge

Hi all,

How is your summer day? Hope you all have a lovely summer :)
This week we have opportunity for sponsoring Word Art Wednesday Challenge, please check their challenge here, they have beautiful blog and inspiring cards with beautiful word art/ scripture. Such a blessing blog :) Please join their challenge as well. Their challenge will be closed at next Wednesday. One of the lucky winner will get 3 images from our shop: MILKCOFFEE. So, join now!

And here is our card as their Guest DT by Esme;

Have a blessed day everyone!