Thursday, June 27, 2013

'Girly' Showcase and small giveaway event ^^

It's been a while since we have a showcase with girly theme. Cute girl image, lots of flowers, laces and ribbons will suit perfecly for this theme, and we have two cutie images prepared for this ^^ Please welcome Nikki, our newest girl in our cute girl stamp line :)

She's a lovely girl who love adventures and like to try new things. Do you want to see her doing something new? Tell us your idea! We will pick one interesting idea and make it into a new Nikki's digi. The lovely girl whose idea got picked will get that digi + 2 other Nikki's digi <3 p="">
Now, time to show our lovely DT girls creations ^^

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Time!!

Hi ladies,

It's summer!! Prepare your stuff and let's go playing at the beach :)
Here are lovely cards by our DT, hope you love it as we love it so much.

Have a wonderful summer!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kaly's tutorial

Hi girls,

This time our talented DT Kaly, is sharing her tutorial how to color super shiny hair :)
Check this out, you will like it! 


Hi to all. 

"If you want to make “super shiny hair”  here is how I (Kaly) do it.  I color with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers and the complete list of colors and some other details you can find on the Spectrum Noit Blog. We‘ll color a funny pinkish-red hair with 3 shades of “pale pinks” and 3 shades of “dark reds”  to this lovely detail from Lady with Antique Bicycle.

Firstly I cover almost the entire hair with the lightest color and leave a white space where the highlight should be (*).
Next steps are to apply two layers of darker pinks. With every layer I cover a little bit less than the lighter color before.

After that I switch to the darkest of the color combination and I put just tiny strokes in the spaces where the most shadowed regions should be. Then I overlay with the lighter shades of red.

At this point we have all our colors in and a distinctive difference between “pinks” and “reds”. For blending it I use the “darkest off the lights” and I cover the middle region.

If you are satisfied with the result you can live it like that, but I tend to go back and forth with “lights” and “darks” in overlapping layers until it looks perfect.  Then we color the braids, the face and clothes and we have a sweet girl with super shinny hair.

And if you want the things even funnier I added my favorite color combinations for all kinds of non-traditional hairs on this chart that you can download from here.