Thursday, August 9, 2012

Showcase 'Halloween'

Good afternoon everyone,

Today I woke up very late, looks like several days lack of sleeps taking its tool of my body ^^ I really should try to manage a healtier schedule (I'm a noctrunal person usualy), but it's hard to break a habit that last for years :)

Anyway, since Halloween is coming nearer and nearer, we have a special Halloween showcase today ^^ Have you start preparing your Halloween themed cards? We have a new batch of Halloween images featuring Lisbeth, Tiffany, Charlotte, Michelle, Alicia, and a cute vampire boy ^^ Looks what our talented DT girls did with our Halloween images, it's so cute!

Stunning coloring and very nice layout as usual! 

She have 3 cards! Wohoo, and all of them are so cute! I especially love the first one <3

Lovely coloring! The image that printed on a kraft paper stood out real nice <3

What a cute doorhanger with a small box to put on some sweets!
Lovely treat for your kids ^^

Cute cards with very bright colors! 
Love how the black paper behind the image make it looks so stand out ^^

Please don't forget to pop on their own blogs as well to see more gorgeous creations ^^ 
Have a great day ladies!


Tonya said...

These are all so adorable.

Kerry said...

Wooo, love them!!!! :D