Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our lovely customer creations :)

Hello ladies, today we will post all the gorgeous card creations made by our lovely customers that we receive this week :) 

 First, lovely creation from Ms. Shirl

What a lovely pastel colors she use on this card, and see the matching mushroom pattern in both of the image and the paper ^^ It's so cute! Love the butterfly pendant on the ribbon!
Do you want to get this image? Please check it at our shop here

And another one from Ms. Jill 

Isn't this card is so gorgeous? The laces, the flowers, the butterfly, and the pretty colors are compliment one each other really well ^^ Love this, thanks for make our digi looks so gorgeous!
Want this image? Just click this link

So, did you make a card or anything using our digi images and want to get featured as well? Please send us a mail to milkcoffee.letterbox@gmail.com with your creation's pic or link to your blog post ^^ We will post our lovely customers creations every Tuesday :) And our giveaway event will be end tonight, so please stay tuned for our giveaway winner announcement tomorrow!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Chocolate, Coffee, and Cards Sponsored Challenge

Hello ladies,we hope you have lovely day there! For most people Monday maybe not their favourite, but we hope you have a nice, creative, and productive day today ^^ 
Anyway, if you need some inspiration and challenge, try to check chocolate,coffee, & cards. We sponsoring their neweset challenge now and the theme is missing you/ thinking of you. If you made a card using that theme and want to get some freebies from us, just hop there :) Here's some of their cards inspirations created by their talented DT ladies using our digi images!

She's using our Teddy Bear in the Chair digi

She's using our Little Lady digi


She is using our Little Girl with Umbrella digi

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Heidy and her world

Hi, Ladies :) planning for a great weekend? Have a family holiday? Rendezvous with some good old friends? Or just laid back having a me time at home? anything would be great if we have a grateful heart right? ^^
So this time we have new digi girl, Heidy. She is an active lovely girl. Cute yet energetic, she will be a perfect choice to play with  :) 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Playing with cute kitties

Hi. Good morning Ladies, ^^ it's still morning at our place, and we start our day with a cup of warm coffee milk and a couple of biscuit. How about yours? :) we hope  you have a sweet morning like us too.  
And today, we want to play with our kitties. Let see.. we have naughty ginger kitten, adorable siamese kitten, and cute tabby kitten.They play, they sit, they run, they play again, they run again, they play again, they run again, they sit, and finally fall asleep. So why don't we give them some love, ladies? :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Poodles Parlour Valentine Challenge

Hello Ladies, how are you today? We hope you have a great Monday there!Anyway, our giveaway event will be closed in a week. If you already follow us to join this giveaway, don't forget to leave a comment on our post here ^^ In the meantime, if you want another chance to get free digis from us, join Poodles Parlour Valentine Challenge. We are very proud to get a chance sponsoring this lovely blog! Their recent challenge theme is Love/ Valentine and will be closed in 9 days, so submit your Valentine card before it end! You can see the challenge here ^^ Do you need some inspirations? Their talented DT made some lovely cards using our digis, we sure you will get love them like we do!

Image used is Heart Shaped Sign

Image used is  Valentine Cupid Girl

Image used is Cute girl painting heart

Image used is  Heart Shaped Sign

Image used is Lola and her watering can

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Charlotte and her love letter card by our lovely customer

And we have another lovely card from our lovely customer, Ms. Shirl ♥ Look at her card, don't you think that her color combination on this card is so lovely? And look at how she coloring the image, very neat and detailed! I especially love how she color the hair part, it's not easy to make shiny effect like that lol. Thank you for making our digi looks so beautiful ^^ She have lots beautiful cards, so make sure to check her blog here

Anyway, we plan to tidying our blog a bit, so we will post all our lovely customer's creations every  Tuesday from now on ^_~


And the image she used here is:

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweet Girl by Our Customer

Hallo ladies :) Remember our freebies here ?You still can grab it free, and we will be very glad if you notify us if you had made a cute and georgeous cards so we can display them at our blog :) We will be very delighted to see it 
And now, let see what we have, 3 adorable cards made by talented hands. Look how the colour and pattern can differ each of this cute card :) 

It's so simple and neat, yet still have cute girly feeling. Oh, her granddaughter must be so adorable too :)

Cute floral pattern is chosen cleverly, we love how colourful pattern and frilly border combine gorgeously at this card ^^ it's sooo cute ♪

It has soft feeling right? :) lilac and soft pink tone is surely soothing our mind
what a nice color combination :)
...and this free image still can be grabbed here

Thank you for all of your hardworking to make our image mooooore adorable and colorful ♪ we're really appreciate it :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Soya the fairy

Hallo ladies, how was your day? After circus theme, we come back with another whimsical theme. Let us introduce our Soya, a little cute fairy who love to play all day along beneath warm sunshine at her forest. Such a cutie to decorate your card or scrapbook, right? :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whimsical Circus Digi Stamps

Happy Tuesday ladies! For us Tuesday means we have to works 4 more days before we could do crafty things in the weekend. But, that's doesn't mean we can not get fun :) Why not playing around a bit with our new whimsical digi stamps? We have circus themed digis to brighten your day! Who do not know or like circus? I remember when I still a kid, I always excited when a circus group comes to our city and held a show :)  So we think a circus themed digi stamp will be a great image to decor your colorful and whimsical card ^^



Friday, January 13, 2012

Alicia Digi Stamp Series

Hallo ladies, how's your days? :) Now let us introduce our new cute digi girl. Not like our other girly girls, she a little bit tomboyish. She likes playing sports, playing music, especially rock music, and she has good ability at fixing tools. But inside her tough appearance, she has a big kind heart too :)

Lovely Coffee and Ice Blend Creations from Our Lovely Customer (2)

And we also got another lovely creation from Ms. Sandy using our Ice blend digi. Thank you very much for this lovely creation, I love the soft pastel colors combination! The lace and the twine also very lovely! Please check her page at http://www.madewithlovenprayers.blogspot.com, she have lots lovely cards there ^^


Our Lovely Customer's Creation ^^

Wow! Looks what we have here! We got three gorgeous cards from three talented ladies here! We're so thrilled to see how each card is very differ one each other both in design and 'mood' (sorry, can't find a better word ^^) even with the same image. And all of them are so beautiful :) Thank you very much for making our digi looks so beautiful ^^

We love the musical notes on this design, make her looks like she's about to dance! The color make her looks very elegant too ^^

 Love the soft colors and the flower felts! It's so pretty and soft looking ^^

Love the colors, it's so cheerful and the orange-brown combination is gorgeous! I love how she color the little girl ^^

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Michelle digi stamp series

Hello ladies, let us introduce you to our other digi girl, Michelle. She's a very nice girl with artistic streak ^^ She love dancing, painting, and also skating! And we also try to make a card featuring her :) We still newbie though, so we glad we can get lots inspirations from all of you here! And we will post the cards you ladies sent to us soon! Can't wait to show all your fabulous works here!

Our card using Michelle Image


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Girly Charlotte

Another new cute digi girl, Charlotte! She loves girly things like cooking, sewing, and knitting. A very sweet girl ^^ Grab this image at our etsy store while our buy 3 get 1 digi promo still last!