Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweet Girl by Our Customer

Hallo ladies :) Remember our freebies here ?You still can grab it free, and we will be very glad if you notify us if you had made a cute and georgeous cards so we can display them at our blog :) We will be very delighted to see it 
And now, let see what we have, 3 adorable cards made by talented hands. Look how the colour and pattern can differ each of this cute card :) 

It's so simple and neat, yet still have cute girly feeling. Oh, her granddaughter must be so adorable too :)

Cute floral pattern is chosen cleverly, we love how colourful pattern and frilly border combine gorgeously at this card ^^ it's sooo cute ♪

It has soft feeling right? :) lilac and soft pink tone is surely soothing our mind
what a nice color combination :)
...and this free image still can be grabbed here

Thank you for all of your hardworking to make our image mooooore adorable and colorful ♪ we're really appreciate it :)