Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kaly's tutorial

Hi girls,

This time our talented DT Kaly, is sharing her tutorial how to color super shiny hair :)
Check this out, you will like it! 


Hi to all. 

"If you want to make “super shiny hair”  here is how I (Kaly) do it.  I color with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers and the complete list of colors and some other details you can find on the Spectrum Noit Blog. We‘ll color a funny pinkish-red hair with 3 shades of “pale pinks” and 3 shades of “dark reds”  to this lovely detail from Lady with Antique Bicycle.

Firstly I cover almost the entire hair with the lightest color and leave a white space where the highlight should be (*).
Next steps are to apply two layers of darker pinks. With every layer I cover a little bit less than the lighter color before.

After that I switch to the darkest of the color combination and I put just tiny strokes in the spaces where the most shadowed regions should be. Then I overlay with the lighter shades of red.

At this point we have all our colors in and a distinctive difference between “pinks” and “reds”. For blending it I use the “darkest off the lights” and I cover the middle region.

If you are satisfied with the result you can live it like that, but I tend to go back and forth with “lights” and “darks” in overlapping layers until it looks perfect.  Then we color the braids, the face and clothes and we have a sweet girl with super shinny hair.

And if you want the things even funnier I added my favorite color combinations for all kinds of non-traditional hairs on this chart that you can download from here.


Shuly said...

Beautiful !!!! i looove it !

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