Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tutorial tuesday and a freebie...

Goodmorning MilkCoffee fans,
Today we are starting with a new program her at MilkCoffee headquarters. As we are going to show you many different ways of how to colour hair and more.....

I will start this fun event with how I colour different colours of hair with pencils and odorless mineral spirits. I printed my samples on Stamplinen from Joycrafts. The pencils that I use are Derwent colour soft- Koh I Noor- PolyChromo's by Faber Castel and Prismacolor pencils. I always start with the darkest colour and add lighter next then I blend it together with the odorless mineral spirit (sansodor). The fun part about colouring on stamplinen is that you see texture coming thru, or should I say I love that hahaha.

Here are the list of colours I used for each hair...

Kin = Koh I Noor
PC = Prismacolours
FC= Polychromos
DCS= Derwent colour soft
Hair colours are dark to light
Skin FC-9201-190 for all faces just so they had a colour. Skintones will come at a later date....

  1. KIN 3800-33, 3800-66, PC942
  2. PC946,PC943, PC1033
  3. PC1058, PC1054, PC1052
  4. PC1033, PC1003, PC1012
  5. PC947, PC941, PC1084
  6. PC1078, PC928, PC1026
  7. PC1018, PC928, PC1030
  8. DCS-C610, PC943 PC1032 PC1012
 And to make it even more fun I have this ohh so cute Freebie for you all. Please do not Pin the freebies to pinterest! You can always grab them here as we do not remove them from our blog. So this freebie is called Sally and her laundry basket. Don't forget that if you create something with one of our MilkCoffee stamps to show them off to us and as always you can join our Challenges with them.
I hope you enjoyed my hair colours.
hugs Ria


Anonymous said...

Oh wow!

Love the hair colours and thank you so much for this gorgeous freebie!


Tracy said...

Thank you for the tute and super cute freebie! :-)

Maja said...

Thank you!!!
Hugs, Maja

caroline said...

thank you for freebie and your great tutorial on hair colour, i always struggle


Averil said...

Interesting tutorial. Thanks for Sally and her laundry basket :)

Hello said...

Thank you!

Michelle Quinno said...

Great hair coloring! Thanks so much for sharing this cute image.

Avril H said...

Sweet Sally - many thanks :)

Charlene Mitchell said...

Thanks for listing the colours you use in your tutorial and thanks for the adorable freebie!

Jackiekg said...

Thanks for the cute digi.

Anita said...

Thanks for the digi!

Jacq said...

Great tutorial on the hair colouring - and thanks for the great freebie!

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